Ann Thorn

"I always belonged to him!" - Ann Thorn

Ann Thorn was the Aunt of Damien Thorn the Antichrist. She was also the wife of Richard Thorn and mother of Mark Thorn.

While she appeared to be loving and caring, she was a secret Satanist, a disciple of Damien the Antichrist.

Damien Omen II

After the deaths of Damien Thorn's adopted parents, Ann and her husband Richard adopt their nephew Damien where they all share a good relationship. When Damien and Mark are 13 they are both sent to Military school where Damien finds out from another Satanist called Sergeant Neff that he is the antichrist.

When others around Damien begin to suspect something unnatural about him, Ann quickly dismisses them. Even when Richard's aunt Marion insists Damien should be removed from the family she is quick to defend the young antichrist.

Soon after Damien discovers his true self as the son of Satan, he wants Mark the cousin he loves to join him, Mark refuses and Damien kills him. Even after her son's death she refuses to go against Damien as she is a disciple of Satan. When Richard leaves in search of answers she tries to stop him but he still goes, Richard later finds artifacts from Meggido in Israel. Where in the first film Richard Thorn went to find answers about Damien, Richard finds on a sacred wall excavated in Meggido a image of Damien on it convincing him of his nephew's true origins.

When Richard arrives back in Chicago he takes her to the Thorn Museum and tries to tell her of Damien real identity. She refuses and finds the 7 daggers of Meggido and stabs Richard with them.

As Richard is dying Ann reveals her true colors to Richard as he dies, then screams out to Damien. The museum's boiler then explodes, engulfing Ann in flames and burning her to death.

Its then shown Damien seems to care very little about her death, and the young antichrist walks out of the museum now the head of Thorn industries.


She looks like a human in her demonic form.

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