MMPR Artistmole
"I am ze Artist Mole, your worst nightmare come to life!"

Having to move to Paris with her mother and her mother's painter fiance, Kimberly began having nightmares about leaving Angel Grove and the Power Rangers, dreams which featured her mother's fiance turning into a monstrous beast known as Artist Mole. Using a device capable of watching the dreams of Earth creatures, Finster showed Artist Mole to Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. Zedd told Finster to find a way to bring Artist Mole to life. Altering his device so that it could turn dreams into reality, Finster went to Earth with Rito and the Tengas, and used the device to extract Artist Mole from Kimberly's subconscious. Artist Mole was soon on the rampage, and battled five of the Power Rangers and Ninjor. Going right through Artist Mole whenever they tried to land a blow, the Rangers and Ninjor were unable to injure him until, using his oversized paint brush, Artist Mole robbed the six warriors of their colors (and powers), rendering them harmless. Finally, Kimberly arrived and battled Artist Mole, blasting him in the gut with her Blade Blaster until he retreated, releasing the Rangers and Ninjor's powers. Made giant by Zedd and Rita, Artist Mole was quickly destroyed by the combined finishing attacks of Ninjor and the Ninja MegaFalconZord. Artist Mole was next seen aiding Goldar, Rito, and Vampirus in a divide-and-conquer attack on Angel Grove. Artist Mole and Vampirus were stationed at a powerline tower, but were eventually rounded up with the other villains by the Rangers, where Artist Mole fought Adam. The villains suddenly teleported away in the middle of the fight, then just as suddenly reappeared moments later. Faced with the Rangers' Shark Cycles, though, the villains quickly retreated, one-by-one, and stayed gone this time, and Artist Mole wasn't seen again.