DW Eleventh Hour Atraxi in orbit

the atraxi over earth.

The Atraxi are a race of large singular eyeballs that use a large crystaline shell to travel.

The Eleventh HourEdit

The atraxi were in charge of running a massive extradimesional prison. When one of their prisoners managed to escape the unescapable prison, a massive fleet travel to earth, threatening the planet with destruction. They send several atraxi, to scout around on earth whilst the doctor deals with zero, and sends him back to the atraxi prison. Just as the atraxi are leaving, the doctor signals for one of them to return, and an atraxi official comes to speak to the doctor and is marauded with question, and the doctor bans them from earth by blackmailing them, by saying he would tell the judoon as they were threatning to destroy a grade 3 planet (earth).

The Pandorica OpensEdit

A lone atraxi is seen as one of the pandorica allience. It is unknown if it was a singalulalar atraxi or a whole squad in a futile attempt to stop the end of the universe.

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