A B2 Battle Droid

"They've sent in the supers!" - Various Clone troopers

The B2 super battle droid was an upgraded version of the older B1 Battle droid. After the battle of Naboo the B1 Battle droid's were seen to be flimsy and clumsy in battle and preperations in the development for stronger droid's began. The Trade Federation and the Techno Union had soon created new droid's named the B2 super battle droid. Unlike the older B1 droids the B2's were more powerful, capable of taking hits and even when down their body parts could still attack. B2's battle droids were late used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems fighting against the Republic during the Clone wars.

The B2's were used alongside the other droid's of the Confedarate forces until Anakin Skywalker deactivated the Droid control system ending the Clone Wars. Some units were later reactivated on Mustafar by Gizor Dellso and other members of the Separatist holdouts but were eventually destroyed by Imperial Stormtroopers.