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This monster is called Balrog from "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring". When the fellowship had reached the Mines of Moria they were attacked by legions of Orc's, Sauron unleashed a Balrog, witch chased them through the mines, until they reached a narrow bridge, the group all got across except Gandalf the Grey, who stopped halfway across to stop the Balrog, he stood his ground and defiantly battled the beast, but the bridge crumbled underneath the Balrog's feet, causing him to plunge, but managed to take Gandalf with him.

Balrog vs Gandalf

Balrog vs. Gandalf the Gray

The two fell and fell, and battled for what seemed like eternity, before they got to a unkown mountin, were they battled it out until the massive Balrog finally fell and died.


Balrog is a giant Minotaur shrouded in flames.