The Bat Gremlin is a winged, bat-like mutant gremlin and a villain from Gremlins 2: The New Batch.

When the newly spawned gremlins managed to reach the Splice'o'Life laboratory, several of them began to drink some of the chemicals and start to transform into mutant gremlins such as the Vegetable Gremlin and the Brain Gremlin. One such gremlin drinks some bat hormones and transforms into the horrifying, deadly and somewhat cuddley bat gremlin. After his transformation, he was confronted by the Brain Gremlin who injected it with some genetic sun-block and told it to go out and patrol the city. The Bat Gremlin flew out leaving a batman shaped symbol in the wall.

A while later, the Futtermans were out seeing the sights of New York, when they came across a church, Murray remarks on the gothic look of the church. Then the bat gremlin swoops down from the top of the church and attacks. It starts to claw at his head but Murray manages to throw it into a patch of wet cement. Then he pours cement all over the bat gremlin. The bat gremlin then retreats back to the top of the church were it freezes in a cement prison for all eternity.