Ben Willis

Ben Willis is the slasher from the I Know What You Did Last Summer movies.

He is a widower that lives with his only son, working as a fisherman.

One summer, he was coming home from work when a group of teenagers run him over. Believing him to be dead, they refused to call the police or try top help him and instead decided to drop his body in the ocean and not tell anybody.

However, he wasn't dead, just stunned. Thus, the next summer, he decided to stalk and kill the teenagers in revenge, one by one. However, Julie James manbaged to escape his rampage.

Thus, in "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer", he arranges for Julie to win a vacation to the Bahamas, where he is waiting her. For that, he is helped by his son, who infiltrated Julie's group of friends. In the end, Ben's son is accidentally killed by being pushed towards Ben's hook, which angers him further. In the end, Julie shoots him in the head, killing him for good.