The Bio-Mechanoid also known as the Dragon was a cybernetic life form that was made to serve as a prison guard for the master criminal known as Kane as well as guard the energy supply for Iceworld the prison/spaceship Kane was locked in. It was slow moving but made up for its speed in laser bolts that were automaticlly fatal, although it would only kill those who were armed. 
It guarded Kane for over 3000 years, but when Kane finds out that the energy supply was located in the Bio-Mechanoid's head, Kane sent two heavily armed soliders to kill the beast. They manage to track it down just as Kane starts to kill as many of the Ice world residents as possible. The two soliders try to shoot it but the Mechanoid shoots one in the arm causing them to flee. The Mechanoid later saves a small girl and takes her to the main lobby out of any danger, then it goes back down into the depths of Iceworld but it is surrounded by the two soliders who shoot it to pieces. They go to cut off its head where the energy supply was located but the head open up and electocutes them in its last moments of life.

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