Snapshot 1 (6-19-2012 8-06 PM)

The true form of a Boglodite

Boglodites are a parasitic race of aliens who are known for stripping all life on a planet just to stay alive. They were humanoid in appearence but their natural appearance is an amalgamation of spiky fingers and claws in a somewhat humanoid shape. They have a long reptilian tongue, and no visible eyes or nose. After a failed attempt to attack earth, the Boglodite race became extinct because of the ArcNet Shield protecting earth, the only one survivor known as Boris the Animal who was arrested and placed on the Lunar moon prison.

After Boris escaped and went back in time, he managed to stop his race from dying out by stopping Agent K from activating the ArcNet Shield the Boglodites launched a full scale attack on earth. Luckily Agent J managed to time travel as well and stopped Boris resulting in not only Boris's death but the extinction of the Boglodite race once again.

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