Boris the Animal

"Its just Boris!" - Boris the Animal

Boris was the last known surviving member of the Boglodite race and the main antagonist of the third Men In Black movie.

After a failed attempt to stop Agent K from placing the ArcNet Shield on the Apollo 11 rocket, Boris was stopped and lost his arm during the fight. With the ArcNet shield protecting earth from the Boglodites, they became extinct due to starvation and Boris was quickly sent to Lunar prison on the moon, where he stayed for 40 years. After more than 40 years of imprisonment at the Lunar Max prison, Boris escapes from the facility with the help of a woman called Lily and resolves to kill Agent K. After a close encounter with both K and Agent J at the roof of a Chinese restaurant, Boris resolves to kill K instead by traveling back in time -time jumping- to the year 1969 to stop K from forcing his race into extinction and losing his arm.

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After traveling back in time, Boris helps his past self to kill K and stop him from activating the ArcNet shield. This means that the Boglodite race are still alive and they invade the earth. Luckily, Agent J manages to time jump back to 1969 as well to stop Boris from killing K. In the end, K and J manage to stop Boris. Boris's future self is killed first and K shoots the younger Boris instead of arresting him.