Brother christopher

Brother Christopher sits in the Jewish Temple

"And to you God, God of wrath and destruction to mankind I say do your worst..but we will prevail" - Brother Christopher

Brother Christopher was the Antichrist, and the main villian of the "Thief in the Night" movie and its sequels.

He is described as Satan in human form.

Image of the BeastEdit

Shortly after the rapture of the Christian church around the globe, a American Governemt official soon to be known as "Brother Christopher" creates a one world Government known as "Unite".

Along with his faithful satanic associate who is The False Prophet he creates the new one world currency, a computer mark which can be placed in either a person's right hand or forehead which they could use to buy or sell. The computer mark is a computerized version of 666, the mark of the Devil.

Brother Christopher would later gain worldwide fame when he helped save Israel from total destruction by Russia and her Arab neighbours, he also made a peace treaty and rebuilt the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. However at the moment of victory he was shot by a lone assasin. Brother Christopher was announced dead and was mourned haevily by the Jewish people who saw him as their messiah. However three days later, he would be ressurected and was praised and worshipped by the happy Jewish people. Although at this moment Satan would enter him.

Shortly after his "ressurection" he and the False Prophet place an image of Brother Christopher into the Jewish Temple in the Holy of Holies and demanded that the people of Earth worship him. At this moment, the Jews realized Brother Christopher was not their messiah but the Antichrist. They fled Jerusalem and had to realize that their true Messiah was crucified outside Jerusalem over twenty centuries ago.

As the return of Jesus Christ came closer, Brother Christopher and Unite began loosing their grip upon the world. Christian believes began to sabotage Unite's communication systems, when Christopher learned of Christ's retrun to Armaggedon, he ordered the armies of the world to meet their for a final battle which he was detined to lose.

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