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"I'm going to give you one chance..." - Captain Black

Captain Black, real name Conrad Turner was a male human born in 2029. Conrad later joined the Royal Air Force and became a skilled pilot and later became involved in the development of Spectrum and was given the codename of Captain Black. Captain Black soon oversaw the construction of Cloudbase a flying aircraft carrier positioned miles in the air. Captain Black was one of the most high ranking officers in Spectrum and served as second in command to Colonel White. Captain Black was a pleasant officer and seemed to be Spectrum's number one agent.

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Captain Black under the control of the Mysterons

In 2068 Captain Black was sent on a mission to Mars after Spectrum monitored signals from the planet. Accompanied with lieutenants Dean and Conway the three travelled to Mars and began to explore the planet on a Martian exploration vehicle equipped with rockets. After a long search Conrad decided to leave after some checks. Captain Black and his team suddenly find what they were looking for, an alien city. The inhabitants of the city are revealed to be known as Mysterons. Black mistook the intentions of the Mysterons and believed they were hostile. He destroyed the city and watched as the Mysterons revealed their power of reversing matter – retrometabolisation – as they re-created their devastated city before the eyes of the Earthmen. Determined to have revenge the Mysterons posses Captain Black turning him into their own agent as a weapon against Earth.

Captain Black know under the control of the Mysterons becomes Spectrum's number one enemy. When Black returned to Earth he took part in many of the Mysteron attacks. Conrad was now twisted and evil, although he killed many people under the control of the Mysterons, it appears his old self as Conrad Turner still exists as he refused to kill Symphony Angel.