Cabinet of dr caligari 3

Cesare was the Somnabulist servant of Doctor Caligari in the 1922 German black-and-white silent horror film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.


Cesare kidnaps jane.

One day the circus comes to town. Two friends decide to visit it where they find the tent of Dr. Caligari and a strange somnambulist called Cesare. The "good" doctor keeps him asleep in a large coffin-like cabinet, Caligari uses Cesare for two reasons one, is that his sleeping state allows him to know the answer to
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any question, the second reason was to murder all who irritated him way. When Alan (one of the two men) asks Cesare how long he will live, Cesare replies that Alan will die before dawn tomorrow, shocked Alan returns home were later that night he is violontly killed by Cesare. Alan's death was the first of many in the small town, eventualy cesare is sent to kill Jane Olsen, the wife of Francis, the other man at the fair, but Cesare falls in love with Jane and kindnaps her, he runs out into the town and runs across the roofs until he starts to become tierd, and has to leave Jane behind. Cesare maneged to get a bit father before collapseing and expiering,due to being awake for so long.