400px-Drinking blood


Chubby is one of the killer klowns that invaded earth. He is a morbidly obese Klown, due to this, he is unable to walk properly which is a trait that he shares with his brother Fatso.

He is first seen with several other klowns invading an almost naked teenage girl's house with Bibbo carrying a pizza box, Shorty jumps out and zaps her with his gun turning her into cotton candy cocoon. Later, he attacks Debbie in her home to catch her. He is later seen in the klown car along with several other klowns were he threw acid pies at a security guard melting his flesh. 

Later he is spotted by Mike and Dave as he drinks the blood of a cotton candy coverd human, letting out a massive belch as he finishes. He is lastly seen attacking Mike, Debbie and Dave but is scared away by Klownzilla. He is killed when the klown circus tent space ship explodes.