A Cyber-Lord


The Cyber-Controller was a Cybus Cyberman Commander, out ranking the standard Cyber-Leader.

In appearence he resembles a regualar Cyber- Leader but has an exposed human brain and a black designed face.


The Cyber-Controller was among the many Cybermen sucked into the void along with the Daleks during the battle of Canary Wharf in 2007. After Davros tried to destroy all non Dalek life with his reality bomb, the void was weakened and the Cyber-Controller along with some other Cybermen escaped into Victorian era Britain in the city of London. The Cybermen would soon create Cyber Shades to help them.

The Cyber-Controller forged an alliance with Mercy Hartigan, using her to gather the child labour necessary to build the Cyber-King, and in return promising her liberation, and exception from Cyber-conversion. Hartigan would receive her liberation from the anger, hatred and rage in her mind. However, Hartigan proved too strong-willed for the conversion; her mind was too powerful to control, and she decided to make her own race of Cybermen. The Cyber-Lord disagreed and attempted to remove her from the throne, but Miss Hartigan took revenge by using her new powers to destroy the Cyber-Controller with a single shot from her Cyber laser which reduced him to dust.

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