Foot ninja btts

A Cyber Foot Ninja

"Foot Ninja...ATTACK!" - Master Khan


The Cyber Foot are a group of Foot Ninja's which are loyal to Master Khan and the Cyber Shredder. Unlike the other Foot Ninja's who served Ch'rell the Utrom Shredder, and Karai's Foot Ninja's their armor is dark blue and styled after the Cyber Shredder's armor. Although some units wore red uniforms.

After the defeat of the Cyber Shredder, most of the Cyber Foot Ninja's would join Karai. In the Turtles Forever movie they officially joined Ch'rell who had returned from exile when the 1987 Shredder rescued him.

When Karai upgraded the 1988 Shredder's Technodrome, the Cyber Foot Ninja's were all each given a injection of Krang's mutagen and were mutated into horrifying creatures.

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