D84 was an undercover Dum Voc who was investigateing, Taren capel. he was working alongside the sandminer second in command, of the sandminer. unforantly his cover is acidently blown by leela, when she found the third body D84 is in the same room, he assured her that he was innocent, and she promised to keep it a secret, later leela told the doctor of her discovery.

later on the doctor and D84 are exploreing the sandminer, attempting to find some evidence about taren capels murder spree, and find a workshop hidden in the sandminer, they find all the sufficent evidence to prove that taren is responsible for all the murders abord the sandminer,they use a dameged Voc bot and make a transmitter, but shortly afterwards taren returns to his workshop and shoots D84 in the head, and with his last mechanical breath he sets off the transmiter, destroying a killer voc and allowing the doctor to save the day.

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