Daikaiju or Kaiju is a japenese for strange-beast, its more commonly associated with giant monsters, like Godzilla, or King Kong. its also used to describe fans of the genre.

Famous KaijuEdit

Godzilla is easily the most famous Kaiju, and most popular, starting of as a 25 ft monster godzilla wreaked havoc in Tokyo killing many and is probably the darkest kaiju film you would find. king kong is the oldest of the big four, in its original

varan, a large flying kaiju

apperance it was a stop motion armature. its appeared in many films, and appeared most recently in the 2005 remake by Peter Jackson. Other famous kaiju include gamera the flying turtle and friend of all children, and ultraman, the tv show hero who has battled nearly other a thousand different beasts. lesser well known monsters include daimajin, and the kraken from the clash of the titans.

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