The Dalek Prime

The Dalek Prime was the first Dalek created by Davros. He had a sphere-like dome with multiple speech lights and was a burnished-gold color. He was the master-mind behind the elaborate scheme to prevent Davros from destroying Skaro. Having achieved success thus far, it had established itself as emperor of the Daleks.

War of the DaleksEdit

The Dalek Prime was the leader of the Daleks after the events of Remembrance of the Daleks, and perhaps times prior to that. It oversaw the plan in tricking Davros into believing the planet Antalin was Skaro. The Dalek Prime's plan was successful and the destruction of Skaro avoided. To avoid later threats and to purge the Daleks of the followers of Davros, it held a trial. Having sentenced Davros to death, Davros' followers staged a revolt and tried to capture the city. The Dalek Prime sat in the control room as his forces quickly decimated those loyal to Davros. 


  • It is believed that the Dalek Prime was the overall leader of the Renegade faction of Daleks. 
  • The Dalek Prime reffered Davros' Imperial daleks as renegades.
  • It is possible that this Dalek was a member of the Supreme Dalek Council, along with the other Supremes.
  • The Dalek Prime was placed in a time loop by the five doctors. It is possible that it may have been saved by superior Dalek technology. 

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