Diesal 10

Diesel 10

Diesal 10 is one of the main villians in the Thomas the tank show. He is is a villainous Diesel with a roof-top, hydraulic grabber named "Pinchy".

Thomas and the magic railwayEdit

In his first appearence in the movie "Thomas and the magic railyway" Diesal 10 is trying to get rid of all steam engines on the island of Sodor. He managed to get rid of a female steam engine called Lady which damaged parts of Sodor.

His plans of taking over Sodor failed when he fell off the collapsing Sodor viaduct when chasing Lady and Thomas the tank engine. He fell off the viaduct into a moving barge along the river. However the fat controller would later give him another chance to redeem himself.

Diesal 10 would still remain in Sodor, sometimes as an ally to the steam engines or as an enemy. Despite his early agressions towards steam engines, in recent episodes he has been shown to have a nice side but still retains some anger towards any of the steam engines.

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