Disciples of the Watch

"Disciples of the Watch, I stand before you in the name of the one true God!..cast out of Heaven but me.." - Damien Thorn


The Disciples of the Watch were a large group of demon like Satanists, cruel, crude and loyal to Damien Thorn who is the Antichrist.

When the Second Coming of Jesus Christ occurred on the morning of March 24, Damien ordered the Disciples of the Watch to perform a modern day "Massacre of the Innocents", killing every boy in the country born between midnight and 6 AM on the date of the Second Coming, in an attempt to avert Damien's prophesized defeat by the reborn Christ.

On the morning of March, 24 many young infant boys were killed by the followers of Satan, although they failed to prevent Christ returning.

Damien promised them that if they succeed in preventing the second coming of Jesus they will truly inherit the Earth, but if they fail they will all vanish without a trace.

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