Gremlins scene 15

Earl as a mogwai


Earl as a gremlin.

Earl, like Gizmo, was an eternal mogwai. He was given to Mr. Hanson, who was Billy's science teacher. Mr. Hanson put Earl in a cage and treated him badly. The final straw was when he had taken several blood tests from Earl, giving him the thirst for revenge. Earl reached out for a sandwich and ate it after midnight, causing him to metamorphose into a cocoon. Later the next day, he hatches as a gremlin and breaks from the cage. Mr. Hanson tries to get a better look at Earl's new form but is promptly killed by Earl, who stabs a needle in his butt. Billy shows up to look for Mr. Hanson but finds his corpse instead. Billy reaches for the phone only to get slashed by Earl. Earl then runs off into the school infermary were he leaps out of a cuboard to attack Billy. After his ambush attack on Billy, he runs off. Earl's death is questionable as it was never shown on screen but in the novel Earl was killed by Billy with a fire extinguisher.