Elgyem (Ligray in Japanese) is a small Psychic Type Pokémon from the Unova Region. It later evolves into Beheeyem. Elgyem's origins come from the Aliens from the origonal War of the Worlds as well as the Stone Henge circles in England, its name comes from LGM a word for extraterestrials.

In the anime, Elgyem has had several appearences the first being A UFO for Elgyem! were an Elgyem was a freind of proffesor Icarus. It tried to help pepole by warning them of future dangers, but it only caused suspicion upon itself and Proffesor Icarus. It was later kidnapped by Team Rocket but was resqued by Ash, Cilian and Iris. Later another Elygem appered in the episode Climing the tower of Sucess! under the ownership of the Pokemon Trainer Ricky, Elgyem's most recent appearnce was in the episode A Maractus Musical! were a Elgyem and a Bouffalant appear making a Pokemon Musical.


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