DCFDTL's Monster; Eye Guy

I can see you!

Eye Guy was a strange creature from the Power Rangers series.

Power Rangers

Eye Guy was created by the finster and used by Rita. Eye Guy was a generally jolly monster. He had been used by Rita before to kidnap unusually intelligent children from an alien planet, and used their intelligence for evil doings. Several years later, Eye Guy is summoned back by Rita and commands him to steal intelligent children from Earth. He kidnaps Willie the friend of Billy, but was challenged by the rangers. Despite being blown apart, he is able to repair himself almost automatically, whilst he was winning, Rita used her powers to grow Eye Guy to a gargantuan size, but the rangers used the megazord and after a lengthy battle. he succumbs to the megazords power and dies.

A while later, the rangers were trapped on mirage island and were attacked by a phantom eye guy, later Eye Guy attended the wedding of Rita and Lord Zed, with the luxorious gift of a giant spider for either "a decoration or a light snack".