It also has this thing

When Akira Fudo's friend Ryo Asuka forces him to wear the Demon Mask which gives him bizarre visions of thousands of years ago showing him how the demons survived in the harsh landscape. One of the Demons he saw was the butterfly Demon Flowber, who was simply taking a drink from a river when a large demon with a pair of mandibles embedded on its head sneaks up from behind and tries to bite her in its mandibles. Luckily, she realizes and flies into the sky only to be attacked by a giant frog demon that takes a massive bite out of one of her wings, causing her to crash into the forresty floor. At the same time, the Mandible Headed demon starts to chase her again, whist fleeing she comes across a largeplant demon embedded in a tree. She runs up to it and fuses with it. Just then the Mandible headed Demon comes up and tries to bite her. However Flowber wraps it in it's vines and absorbs the demon killing it.

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