180px-Foot elite

A Foot Elite

"The Shredder's Elite Guard! They are the deadliest of his warriors!" - Master Splinter


The Elite Guard are by far the most strongest and most loyal of all of Ch'rell the Utrom Shredder's ninja's. They have been trained by the Shredder and trained to use any kind of weapon. They have incredible unhuman abilities such as being able to teleport, which is either just their quick ninja like speed or they may have teleporting devices.

They dress in a mixture of Foot clothing and wear feudal Japan like hats, which are mocked by their enemies. After the Shredder appeared to have been killed, the Foot Elite take charge of the Foot clan until Karai the adopted daughter of Ch'rell arrives and briefly takes over until Shredder returns.

After the exile of Ch'rell by the Utroms, the Elite Guard serve Karai. When the original Tengu Shredder returned from his forced imprisonment, he and his Mystic servants attacked the Foot HQ. The Foot Elite tried to fight him but not even their incredible fighting skills could help them. They were defeated in a matter of seconds by the Tengu Shredder's dark powers.

Master Khan, who took control of the Foot Clan from Karai was probably himself a surviving Foot Elite sharing their same fighting abilities.

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