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A standard Foot Ninja

"I don't remember the Foot being this powerful..." - Donatello


The Foot Ninja's were the standard Foot ninja used by Ch'rell the Utrom Shredder. Unlike other ninja's such  as the Foot Tech they were only armed with basic weaponary and little armour.

Although basic in equipment they were the most common Foot Ninja and were large in numbers.

After the defeat and exile of Ch'rell, his adopted daughter Karai took over the Foot and redesigned the standard Foot Ninja's clothing and armour to a more advanced level.

When the original Tengu Shredder returned from a forced imprisonment by the Ninja Tribunal, the Foot Ninja's were the first of the Foot the Tengu Shredder and his Mystics came up against. The Tengu Shredder defeated them in a matter of seconds with a single blast of his dark powers.

Some of these Foot Ninja's would later join Master Khan and the Cyber Shredder, becoming Cyber Foot Ninja's.

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