A Foot Tech Ninja

"I made you!...I am your creator?" - Baxter Stockman

The Foot Tech Ninja's are a advanced type of Foot Ninja. Their armour gives them unhuman strength and abilities. Although Baxter Stockman created them, they refuse to obey him.


The Foot Tech Ninja's are the elite Foot Ninja's. They are regular human Foot Ninja's who have been giving cybernetic armor makes them faster and stronger than regular Foot Ninja. Their armour can also make them turn invisible.

Baxter Stockman created the Foot Tech Ninja's for Oroku Saki, Ch'rell the Utrom Shredder. They were made for the purpose of capturing the Teenage Mutant Ninja's Turtles, they managed to capture the Turtle Raphael but the other Turtles help defeat them despite the Foot tech's advance armour. Ch'rell decides to keep the Foot Tech Ninja's part of the Foot, however Baxter Stockman who had previously lost an eye for his failure was taken away by his own creations to recieve another "punishment"

The Foot Tech Ninja continue to serve the Shredder and are used in many of his battles against the Turtles. After Ch'rell is exiled by the Utrom's, his adopted daughter Karai takes command of the Foot clan. The Foot Tech Ninja have their armour redesigned and once again fight the Turtles.

When the Tengu Shredder returned, the original Shredder untill Ch'rell took his name finally came back after his loyal Foot Mystic's ressurected him. The Foot Tech Ninja's were once again called into action when the Tengu Shredder attack the Foot HQ. The Foot Tech Ninja's were the only real challenge the Tengu Shredder faced when attacking the building. They attack him with mystical weapons but the Tengu Shredder manages to defeat them all with his dark powerd.

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