1 Unknown, Thok & Thug

from right to left Thug, Thok and a unknown.

Gamorreans are vicious pig-like creatures that were vicious and brutal.

Return of the Jedi

The Gamorreans were Jabba's main guard service and patrolled the halls of Jabba's palace. When C3P-0 and R2-D2 arrive at Jabba's palace, a gamorrean escorts them through to the main throne room were Luke offers the two droids to the hutt warlord for the return of Han Solo. Jabba refuses and keeps the droid anyway. Later when Oola is dropped into the Rancor's den, several gamorreans start to laugh when she is devoured. Later Leia arrives disguised as Boushh and manages to revive Han Solo, but is captured. Later when Luke arrives at the palace, two gamorreans try to stop him from entering further but Luke quickly kills the two of them. When Luke confronts Jabba, the gamorrean champion guard called Jubnuk confronts him, but the trap door opens swallowing them both. The unfortunate Jubnuk is devoured by the Rancor, whilst Luke fights back and slays the Rancor. Later on the sail barge, the rest of Jabba's gamorreans are killed when it is blown up.


  • In some fan circles, it is believed that Jubnuk managed to cut himself out of the Rancor's stomach with a special amulet he found, in the Rancor's belly.
  • There are many toys of various gamorreans.