Gartogg was a low intelligence Gamorrean Guard under the employment of Jabba the Hutt. He was very friendly for a gamorrean, and due to this, he is frequently bullied by fellow gamorreans Ortugg and Rogua. After Rogua is invited to the sail barge, Gartogg asks if he can go as a guest. Rogua insults him and says that he may only come if he can find out who murdered the young chef Phlegmin. He attempts to find out the killers identity in an attempt to prove his intelligence. During his investigations, he finds the body of a recently deceased B'omarr Monk. He carries the bodies of the monk and Phlegmin around with him. After a while, he discovered the murderer to be the bounty hunter Dannik Jerriko or snot vampire as he called him, despite him being right. Rogua still did not allow him to attend the sail barge. Luckily for him, the sail barge explodes killing his long time tormentor. Afterwards, he went to tatooine still carrying the bodies of phlegmin and the B'omarr Monk.