The Gettysburg Ghosts are strange like ghost beings who have been sighted at Gettysburg Pennsylvania where on July 3rd 1863 during the American civil war the armies of the Confedarcy and the Union

Photograph taking of a ghost like soldiers at Devils den 2002

fought a bloody battle were many men died.


The state of Pennsylvania is considered to be one of the most haunted states in American. At Gettysburg throughtout the years there have been reports of strange ghost like people resembling Union and Confedarate soldiers.

At the Farnsworth inn built in 1810, this brick structure is said to be the dwelling place of several Civil War era ghosts, and many people have seen the ghosts of the soldiers here.

At little round top where most of the fighting took place there has been reports of a ragged Union soldiers who stalks the area, this ghost was reported to carry geniune civil war era weapons and he smells of gunpowder. In 1993 when a movie was being fiilmed in the area this ghost was seen approaching some actors telling them how furious he felt the battle was going and gave them some bullets. He was believed to be an extra at first until the actors gave the bullets they were given by this ghost to the movie armourer, he said he never gave anyone these bullets and they were actual real civil war rounds.

There is a large, distinctive outcropping of rock in one section of the Gettysburg battlefield known as Devil’s Den. Dozens of ghost sightings have been reported here by tourists over the years. One of the most well-known is that of a barefoot man dressed in a butternut-colored shirt and floppy hat, which fits the description of a rag-tag unit from Texas who participated in the battle. Those who have met this spirit report that he always says the same thing: “What you’re looking for is over there” as he points toward the Plum Run. He then vanishes into thin air.

Some people have reported then when walking through the battlefield they can hear screams and the shouts of soldiers. Perhaps the most strangest ghost sighting is the phantom on horseback, sightings of this phantom even go back to 1863 when the battle was fought. Union soldiers reported spotting the ghost of  George Washington on horseback leading the Union soldiers to victory, sightings of this phantom continue to this day.

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