Ghelmer was summoned from Hell by the beautiful demon Sirine along with the small slime demon Agwel. Sirine summoned him to kill the members of the Makimura family. Agwel went after the parents and Tare, whilst Ghelmer found Miki stripping nude for a bath. He watches her before extending his head out from a mirror and tries to bite her. She slams the door behind her and Ghelmer retracts back into the mirror. Then as Miki is washing in the bath, Ghelmer transports himself into the water and watches her bathe for a few minutes before announcing himself and pulls her into the water so he could drown her. Luckily for Miki, Akira smashes through he door and grabs Miki, but not before she drank some of Ghelmer's water possesing her. As Akira flees to the attack he is attacked by Agwel and he drops Miki whilst carrying Miki they are attacked by Agwel, whilst battling with Agwel the possessed Miki lunges For Akira's throat but he just slaps her out of the way. After killing Agwel he carrys Miki up to the Attick were Miki vomits out the water that had possesed her. Ghelmer tansports to the attack were the two battles, Akira throws a blanket over Ghelmer's head and sets it on fire, causing Ghelmer to solidify. Akira then shoves his hand into Ghelmer's body and rips his spine out, ripping the demon apart.

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