The Giant Ants are the main villains in the 1954 film Them!.


During some radioactive tests, some unobservante scientists, accidently give birth to the threat that is them.

Later on, two cops are driving throgh the nevada desert when they spy upon a young wondering girl, when they try to speak she says nothing, so they pick her up and drive to a wreaked caravan. They find the parents missing and a large hole in the wall.

Later during some atomic tests, an ant comes out and attempts to eat a woman, with the realistation of all the ants to real they send some men to find their nest and when they find it they use flamethrowers to burn the ants and thier eggs, but two queens and two soliders manage to escape and start to fly away, on of the groups land on a large cargo ship storing sugar, and start to nest after killing them crew, but the ship is sunk and the ants perish along with it. The second group hide in the sewers of Los Angeles, when two young boys and their father go missing near the area the authorites investigate, they find the two children but their father had already been eaten, so they kill the soldiers and its queen.