Golden Rod was accidentally created when Zeltrax attempted to use the Geno-Randomizer to enhance his strength. Calling Zeltrax his father, Golden Rod said he would do anything Zeltrax asked of him. When commanded to find and destroy Tommy, he immediately did so. Locating him and Trent on the road in Tommy's jeep, Golden Rod smashed into the back of the jeep, but was completely unharmed and attacked Tommy. When the Dino Rangers appeared to rescue Tommy, Zeltrax arrived and took Golden Rod away. Back at Mesogog's lair, Zeltrax used the Geno-Randomizer to increase Golden Rod's power. The two then attacked Reefside City Hall and battled the Dino Rangers. At Zeltrax's command, Golden Rod grew to giant size and battled the Thundersaurus MegaZord. Golden Rod completely overpowered the MegaZord, hacking away at it with his blade weapon. It was when Tommy, using his Brachio Staff's various attacks, sending Golden Rod into a firey crack in the ground, that Zeltrax's offspring was destroyed, sent flying into the sky in a burst of flame.

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