Gort prepares to protect Klaatu

Gort is a large eight foot male robot that accompanied Klaatu on a journey to earth. Although he cannot speak he does have a special laser beam implanted behind his eyes that can vaporize anything. When he and Klaatu arrived on earth, Klaatu ventures outside of the spacecraft with a gift for mankind. Outside are the US Army and Klaatu walks towards them with his gift. Sadly a scared soldier shoots Klaatu in fear mistaking the gift for a weapon, as Klaatu lies on the ground in pain Gort emerges and prepares to attack. Klaatu orders him not to, but Gort open fires with his laser and destroys the soldier's weapons but he spares the soldier's lives.In the end, after Klaatu is revived after several more lethal wounds, he and Gort leave soon after on their spaceship.


  • Gort somewhat resembles a male version of the robot maria from the film Metropolis.
  • In the bad and boring remake, Gort has rapidly grown in size, making him become a godzilla-type creature, but still retains his original appearance.


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