250px-The Grand Pumpkin

The Grand Pumpkin

"Revenge!" - The Grand Pumpkim vows to avenge the fate of the pumpkins

The Grand Pumpkin was a villain in the Simpsons Halloween special XIX.


The Grand Pumpkin was a giant pumpkin, said to appear in all the pumpkin patches around the world on Halloween where he would give out candy to all those who believed in him. Although Bart Simpson claimed to make him up to fool his friend Millhouse.

One halloween night, Millhouse visits a pumpkin patch and waits. His big childlike belief brought him to life.

When the Grand Pumpkin learned people cut pumpkins on Halloween to make funny faces, and make pumpkin bread out of them, he got mad and started to eat all humans.

Millhouse then prayed for giant Tom Turkey to arrive. Tom Turkey arrives and kills the Grand Pumpkin.

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