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"I'm destroying you! And I'm doing it because my Empress commands me!"

The Green Ranger was a powerful warrior under the command of Rita Repulsa. Possessing a sixth, green Power Coin, Rita chose a young man named Tommy Oliver for reasons known only to her, testing him with an attack by the Putty Patrol. Having defeated the clay warriors, Tommy was abducted by Rita and given the Green Power Coin, placing him under her control. His first mission was to get Zordon out of the way. Using his Power Coin, the Green Ranger easily infiltrated the Command Center and assaulted it, giving Alpha 5 a virus and destroying the main console, cutting off Zordon's connection to this dimension. Green Ranger then made his presence known to the other Rangers, attacking them inside the Dino MegaZord and then pummelling them on the ground. He later received the Sword of Darkness from Rita, which strengthed her control of him. He then secretly abducted Jason and sent him to battle Goldar powerless. Then he attacked the Command Center again, foiling Alpha's attempts to re-establish contact with Zordon. Alpha nearly succeeded in unmasking Tommy, but Rita teleported him away, needing his assistance in ambushing the MegaZord. Along with Goldar and Scorpina, Green Ranger decimated the MegaZord, sending it crashing into the Earth's molten core. Upon receiving the Dragon Dagger and calling upon the DragonZord, Green Ranger destroyed much of Angel Grove before the Dino Zords returned and counterattacked, soundly defeating the DragonZord. Jason and Tommy then went head-to-head, and after a long and viscious battle, Jason won, vaporizing the Sword of Darkness and the spell over Tommy. The evil within him destroyed, Tommy then joined the Power Rangers in their fight against Rita Repulsa.

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