Land of the Lost (1974) - Grumpy and a Pylon

Grumpy and a Pylon

Grumpy was a large mad dinosaur which was nicknamed Grumpy by the Marshals in the 1974 children's show Land of the Lost.

Grumpy has a familiar face in the TV series the Land of the Lost and appeared in nearly every episode, albiet briefly. He along with the Sleestaks were the most iconic image for the series. Grumpy was a menace that stalked the Marshals and co, always wanting to eat them all ways failing. Grumpy fought with all sorts all types of creatures including Big Alice the Guardian Of The Lost City.

2009 movie

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2009 Grumpy

In the 2009 Movie Grumpy whilst upgraded was true to his original appearance and had a personal vendetta against Rick Marshall for saying he had a small brain and was stupid. He eventually gets his revenge by swallowing Rick, but Rick manages to escape when Grumpy needed to "unload his stomach". After settling its debt Grumpy helped Rick defeat Enik and his Sleestaks.