Gyango terrorizes the hotel

Gyango was a mysterious creature from the unknown depths of space, which appeared in episode 14 of the original Ultraman series.

When a strange space rock landed in a japanese construction site it was taken to scientific reaserch centre, where the rock was stolen by a thief. The thief takes the rock back to the hotel were he wishes for a monster, and so gyango appears. The thief uses Gyango to play jokes and tricks on the other hotel residents and staff, but later on he foolishly wishes for Gyango to grow to massive proportions knocking the thief out. So the science patrol was called in to stop the rampaging Gyango, and succsefully destroyed one of Gyango's radar-like ears. Unfortunately their jet was grounded forcing Hayata to transform into the legendary Ultraman. Gyango battled Ultraman with avariety of tricks and jokes, before Ultraman knocked off Gyango's last ear. Then just before Ultraman used his specium ray Gyango disappeared back into his space rock. The rock was then sent into space to travel to another planet.


  • Gyango is a modified bemular suit
  • There are several figures of Gyango
  • A monster that resembled Gyango appeared in The PowerPuff Girls