The Ice Warriors, also known as the Ice Lords and even Martians, were a race of humanoid reptile like people who lived on the planet Mars. The Eleventh Doctor called them  biomechanoid cyborgs.

In appearence they resemble humans, even having a similar skeleton. An adult Ice warrior could be seven feet tall, usually dressed in armour. Unarmoured, they had flattened, scaly faces with sharp fangs and thin green tongues


They were originally peaceful, honour bound creatures who were artisans as well as builders. They hunted only for food and never fought one another and so never experienced any form of war or conflict.

Although they preffered the cooler colder parts of Mars, many did inhabit warmer locations of the planet. They lived in peace for over twelve thousand years but when a segment of the Key to Time was discovered by time travellers. Its removal led to the creation of a gravity well that devastated the planet. Their world was rapidly changing in climate and temperature. All forms of their once great civillization began to crumble. Some left Mars, while others stayed and fought among themselves for what resources were left.


An Ice warrior

After another thirty years, the energies from the stolen piece of the Key to Time were spent and the ground settled. The remaining Martians emerged onto their world to rebuild their civilisation. However, it was the Ice Lord Izdaal who discovered that the damaged atmosphere meant that ultraviolet radiation led to many of their children were sickly. He declared that Mars was no longer capable of supporting life but was ignored. He stood before the "Red Dawn" and was killed by the radiation which infected Mars.

The Martians would have to change their culture to survive, and would have to conquer other planets to survive. Many Ice warriors went on a space ship to leave the decaying Mars and travelled to earth where the ship crashed and was frozen in a glacier where it would remain for millennia.

Ice warriors which remained on Mars would start new cultures and religions. Some would fight against each other, and they would create a society. Ice warrior Clans would fight each other for land or supplies.

Many incarnations of the Doctor would encounter the Ice Warriors, some encounters would be peaceful while others were violent.


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