Heeere's Johnny!

Heeere's Johnny!

"Here's Johnny!" - Jack Torrance

Jack Torrance, husband of Wendy Torrance and father of Danny Torrance was a failed writer who took up the job as caretaker at the Overlook hotel located deep in the mountains while the building is closed for winter. The hotel was infact built on a old Indian burial ground where the previous caretaker went mad and killed his family before killing himself.

Soon after arriving at the Hotel, Jack soon starts to become possed by strange demons haunting the Hotel. Jack travels down to the Hotel's bar where he meets a ghostly bartender called Llyod. Llyod serves him some alcohol and soon Wendy comes in telling him that Danny has seen a ghost, Jack goes to investagate and see's the ghost but tells Wendy he saw nothing. Soon many ghosts and the ghost of the previous caretaker Grady arrives and tell him to kill his family. Wendy searching for Jack, finds his typewriter with nothing but "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" written in various texts and styles, Jack then comes and tries to attack her but she knocks him out with a baseball bat and locks him inside a pantry full of food. However soon Grady releases Jack and Jack grabs a fire axe and goes to attack his family, Wendy and Danny hide in a bathroom and lock the door, Jack starts to break the door down with his axe, Wendy manages to get Danny through a window to escape but she herself is trapped in the bathroom as Jack breaks down the door. As Jack puts his hand through the broken door he prepares to open it but his hand is slashed by a knife Wendy took for protection. Jack then leaves her and wanders the Hotel and kills a cook called Hallorann who came back to the hotel after sensing evil, Jack goes outside as a blizzard starts. Jack follows Danny into the maze with his axe calling out for Danny so he can kill him. Danny tricks Jack by going over his own footprints and manages to escape and reunite with Wendy where they get on Hallorann's snowcat and drive away. Jack sits down to rest in the maze and slowly freezes to death.

Later in the hotel, Jack is seen smiling in a picture dating back to 1921 4th of July.

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