Jamila also known as the comet monster appeared in episode 23 of the original Ultraman series amd again in Ultraman Powered.



Jamila's inside's

Originally a human astronaut who became stranded in space. Jamila landed on another planet that was dry and barren. where she grew angry and spitefull, slowly mutating into the beast.


Jamila's flame

Jamila managed to return to earth and started to destroy Japan and the United Nations building there. After going on a rampage Ultraman resentfully kills Jamila, ending her rampage.

Ultraman Powered


Powered Jamila

Jamila is much like his original aperance, exept being a man, jamila is able to swap between man and monster and has maneged to keep most of his intellegence. but is also trying to protect his daghter. and when his daghte calls to him he regains humanity and begs Ultraman to kill him to end the pain.


  • There are many toys of Jamila. Here are a few examples.