300px-Jet Jaguar 2

Jet Jaguar

Jet Jaguar was a human sized robot created by a japanese toy maker. After several incidents the native inhabitants of Seatopia arrive to steal Jet Jaguar. He was then used to guide Megalon to Tokyo. Eventually the toymaker manages to regains control of Jet Jaguar and orders him to fly to Monster Island to fetch Godzilla. Jet Jaguar outpaces Godzilla and engages both Megalon and Gigan in battle only doing so after growing to a suitable height to engage both Kaiju. Jet Jaguar is double teamed and eventually beaten by both Gigan and Megalon right as Godzilla finally arrives and saves Jet Jaguar. The Seatopian Kaiju threats would have killed him if it was not for the timely intervention of Godzilla who than assisted Jet Jaguar in battle defeating the villainous pair. After a long hard fought battle Megalon fled back to Seaptopia and Gigan returns to space. Jet Jaguar and Godzilla then shake hands and depart their separate ways, Godzilla back to Monster Island and Jet Jaguar returns to normal height and reunites with his creator, his friend and his young son letting the boy ride on his shoulders all the way home.

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