Jiger is a massive alien dinosaur from Gamera vs Monster X, a.k.a. Gamera vs Jiger. It was the first advisory for Gamera in the Gamera series.


Jiger was an ancient monster that appeared many years ago. People defeated her using a statue called the Devil's Whistle. Many years later, the statue was discovered and Jiger was revived. She attacked, trying to find and destroy the statue. Gamera came to fight her, but she implanted him with an egg from her stinger. Some kids used a submarine to go inside Gamera and destroy the baby Jiger with a certain radio frequency. Gamera was revived and began to fight Jiger. She used her heat ray to defeat him until he began to fly. Jiger was unable to fly and Gamera impaled her by flying at her with the statue. 

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Jiger could fire quills from her face, a heat ray from her back and lay an egg from the stinger on her tail.                                                                   

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