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In the second Devilman OVA, Jinmen was oddly but well placed as the villian of the films opening. He phones Akira Fudo on the phone telling him to meet him in the sewer, he does so and finds the image of his mothers face floating in the air cying. Akira tries to transform but stops himself in case of horrorfying his mother, Jinmen reveals himself and starts to beat him around, Akira fights back but accidently hits one of the faces on his back killing it, Jinmen taunts him, enrageing Akira to the point that he transforms into devilman and tackles Jinmen into the water, the two battle until Jinmen propels himself at Devilman, but Akira grabs him smashes through his shel killing several includeing his mother and then rips the shell from his body whilst screaming for mecry, killing him and his victims.


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