Johnny as a zombie

"They're coming to get you, Barbra" - Johnny

Night of the living DeadEdit

Johnny was the brother of Barbra in the classic 1968 zombie movie "Night of the living Dead".

At the start of the movie he and his sister Barbra are visiting their late Father's grave in a remote cemetry in rural Pennsylvania. When they arrived, Johnny pretended to be a monster and jokes that the monsters are going to get her. He see's a lone strange man walking towards them, he jokes that he's one of them. Barbra tries to apologize to him but he attacks her hungry for human flesh and Johnny realizes that it is a zombie and rushes to his sister preparing to protect her. He tries to stop the zombie from attacking Barbra but is shoved on the ground hitting his head on a tombstone. While Barbra flees his flesh is eaten by the zombie.

Late that night, when Barbra and other human survivors hide in a deserted farmhouse. Johnny now a zombie is among the Zombie horde. He is later killed by the authorities.

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