King Joe Black NEO

King Joe Black

King Joe Black was one of the main villains from Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle, and was also in Mega Monster Battle.

Under control from Alien Pedan, he arrives on planet and attacks the residents before being killed like the previous King Joe Black's role, King Joe Blacks are sent this time by Alien Pedan, to exterminate monsters that belong to Reilbloods. One is seen killing an Alien Hook's Dorako and the Zettonian's Telesdon. Later he fights Gomora. After Gomora's attack were failing on King Joe Black, he turned into Iconic Blast Gomora and quickly had him dispatched. Another one was later seen fighting Red King but was quickly killed.

In their last appearance, a whole army of King Joe Blacks are summoned along with a rare King Joe Scarlet, and fight against Mikulas Gomora and Litora, although the black's were winning they were all automatically destroyed when the zap spacy crew used the pendanium launcher wiping them out instantly.

One more King Joe Black was seen in the film Megamonster Battle.