"We have come to visit you in peace!"


- Klaatu

Klaatu is a humanoid alien from a faraway planet, he was choosen as ambassador to earth by his world's goverment. When Klaatu left for earth, he was accompanied by a eight foot robot called Gort. When he and Gort arrived on earth Wshington DC, Klaatu ventures outside and meets the US Army along with many curious civillians. Klaatu prepares to give the people a gift for

klattu unmasked

their President, but a scared soldier shoots Klaatu in fear thinking the gift is a weapon. Then Gort the robot emerges from the spaceship, and destroys the soldier's weapons to protect Klaatu from further harm, Klaatu is taken to Hospital where he recovers quickly, and escapes outside. Klaatu finds some clothes and takes the name "Carpenter" to disguise himself as a human. He takes up

Klaatu gets shot

residence in a boarding house and meets a boy called Bobby Benson who lives there.

Bobby then takes Klaatu (still under the name of Carpenter) for a tour around the city. Soon he is found by a US soldier and taken away, when the world asked of his power he neutralizes electric power all over the world (with some notable exceptions, such as hospitals and airplanes in flight) for 30 minutes. This is belived to be a threat and Klaatu is hunted down and shot.

Later after he recovers he and Gort decide to leave earth on their spaceship, before he goes he warns mankind of their violence and aggresion to life in the universe.

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