Laserbeak is one of the decepticons from Transformers: Dark of the Moon. He serves the Decepticons as a scout and spy for Soundwave.

Laserbeak is first seen working with human traitor Voskhod. He killed Voskhod as he tried to escape in his white limo, then flew away. Later, He flew to soundwave side along with the rest of the decepticons, in africa and was there when they comtenplated on their plans. Later in one of his assasinations, he shape-shifted into a child sized pink version of Bumblebee, and met a little girl, who thought he was a big toy.


In flight

When her parents came in, Laserbeak transformed into his murderous self and presumably killed the whole family. Later, he contact Jerry Wang. Laserbeak confronted Wang at his office, ordering him to do some sabotage work relating to the moon. When Sam came into Wang's office asking about the notes he had been given, Laserbeak forced Wang to send him away. He then demanded to know what he had told Sam. Wang feigned despair, saying he would do anything, but was able to surprise the sadistic Decepticon by pulling out two guns.

Some "interesting" concept art for Laserbeak.

However, Laserbeak quickly disarmed him with his tail and knocked Wang out the window, sending him to his death. Laserbeak took disguise as a photo-copier and waited for Sam to come closer, but an employee trying to use him forced Laserbeak into action, chasing Sam through the office. Unfortunately, he was not very nimble in the cramped spaces, and Sam managed to escape. Later in the final act of the film, he helped in the destruction of Chicago. Laserbeak attacks sam, but, to the thanks of the real Bumblebee, sam managed to hold Laserbeak's head in the way of his gun blowing it to smithereens.