Lilly is a supporting antagonist from the third Men in Black film.

She is seen in the start of the film, when she is taking a "cake" to her boyfriend Boris the Animal, who is locked up in a lunar prison on the moon; when she arrives the two share a kiss. Lily asks if one of the guards could cut the cake. Instead, he pokes his finger into the cake only to recoil in pain when he finds part of Boris hiding in the cake, the creature kills the two guards, then releases Boris of his iron bonds. The two then leave the cell, and kill another prisoner. Boris tells Lily to get the big gun which she gives to him; they get to the exit of the prison only to find it littered with a SWAT team, they tell them to surrender but Boris shoots a hole in the ceiling causing all the guards to fly out into space, Lily then starts to fly out but Boris grabs her arm, but then cruelly lets go causing her to die in the vacuum of space.